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This book has been designed to meet the needs of beginners to intermediate students of English as either a foreign or second language. I tried to make the language of the book very simple in order to let readers acquire the basic concepts of the English grammar. I haven't followed a consequent method when discussing the rules. However, all items are understandable. I provided examples and exercises that may arouse reader's attention. This book is going to be the first edition of my grammar book, and I hope to design other editions in all English skills in the future. I also hope to design a grammar book for advanced learners. In this book, I put some of my knowledge of English grammar in addition to research paper solving the problems of the English system of articles. The research was conducted in a Palestinian school where I teach English. I have found many mistakes, made by my learners, in the usage of the English articles resulted from the differences between the Arabic and the English system of articles.

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